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Get the Most Out of Your Stay in Wales

Wales is a part of the UK, on the far west of the country, next to Ireland.  There are some really beautiful areas of Wales to explore.

The capital city of Wales is Cardiff, found in the south of the country.  South Wales is a major hub of culture, sport and entertainment, with a wealth of shopping opportunities, museums and golf!  Why not take a sporting trip to the Principality Stadium or visit the Wye Valley for some fancy dining and lovely scenery?

Up in the North West, you can find the mountain area of Snowdonia – one of the most popular destinations in the UK for mountaineering and hiking.  There’s more to this region than just mountains though!  Check out the coastline on the Llyn Peninsula, or the Cambrian Coastline with a great reputation for fine dining…

Pembrokeshire in West Wales is famous for its coastline, being a haven for swimmers, beach lovers and wildlife watchers.  The towns and villages here are perfect for family holidays.