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Holidays in the UK – What to Expect!

The UK has a very rich and vast history, which many people are fascinated by.  With a wide variety of landscapes, from seaside towns through to rugged mountains and farming areas, we have a diverse landscape for visitors to enjoy!

The first thing people do when they come to the UK is to look for London.  London is world famous and has a large number of landmarks and places of interest.  It is a fun city to visit, with plenty to see and do for all ages.  Be aware that, as for many cities, London is expensive!  You can spend a couple of days in London and never get time to see all the things.

Other people who come to the UK are excited to see some of our picture perfect villages and countryside.  We are lucky in the UK to have a lot of open countryside, considering what a small island we are!  There are many areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK.

The weather is one thing many people find perplexing about here.  Particularly in the summer, one minute it is lovely and sunny, but the weather can turn in an instant to be showering with rain!  Always be prepared for four seasons in one day.